Time to Act: South Australian Vaping at Jeopardy!

Time to Act: South Australian Vaping at Jeopardy!

A lot has happened in regards to Advocacy for vaping this week.

Many of us were pleasantly surprised by the segment below on 60 Minutes Australia, that turned out to be one of the more positive pieces of coverage that we as vapers have seen for a long time.

Even though it was obviously driven by Big Tobacco, and there were references to Anti-freeze mentioned by the TGA representative.

While we were all on a semi-high about the unusually positive output of the program, the very next day were were dealt another blow. Particularly South Australia.

It was discovered by a member of our community that there has indeed been a document produced and distributed as a final report of the “South Australian Parliament’s Select Committee on E-cigarettes” recommendations.

Summary of Proposed Changes to the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 to Regulate E-Cigarettes (pdf)

These recommendations are quite heavy handed to say the least, and in many instances reference that e-cigarettes should be regulated and integrated into the administration of the Tobacco Products Regulation Act (1997).

What does this mean?

This means that the “Select Committee” propose e-cigarettes and tobacco products to be regulated in broadly the same way. This is cause for concern, considering the Tobacco Products Regulation Act is quite black and white, and very restrictive, specifically for product display, sales and marketing.

Under the proposed changes, it would be an offence:

  • to sell or supply e-cigarette products to a person under the age of 18 years;
  • to sell e-cigarette products by retail without a licence;
  • to advertise and promote e-cigarette products, (including through sponsorship, competitions and rewards);
  • for e-cigarette products to be displayed at the point of sale;
  • to use e-cigarettes in public places that are currently smoke-free under the Act, including in
    a motor vehicle if a child under the age of 16 years is present;
  • to sell e-cigarette products by indirect orders (including as internet sales);
  • to sell e-cigarette products from temporary outlets, sales trays and vending machines.

Many of these are non-issues, as I think we can all agree that selling to minors is probably not such a good idea, vaping around minors inside an enclosed space (a car) is also not a good idea.
Having said that, these are things that are currently in the most part self regulated by our own industry anyway.

Some of the others are certainly cause for concern though, especially if e-cigarettes are placed side by side with Tobacco and included in the Tobacco Products Regulation Act. Which would mean even more restrictions in line with what Tobacco vendors have to abide by at the moment.

The main issues that I have with the recommendations are:

  • It would become an offence for e-cigarette products to be displayed at the point of sale
  • It would become an offence to sell e-cigarette products by indirect orders (including as internet sales);

These are huge changes, and not just something we can learn to live with.

We are talking up to 50 businesses being effected along with countless employees, the experience and assistance you receive walking into a Brick and Mortar vape store, and the freedom to order supplies over the internet from some of your favourite vendors in South Australia.

What can we do to fix this?

A few of the South Aussie vendors involved in the “Smoke Free Traders Association SA” (SFTA) have gotten together and drawn up a petition that needs signing by young and old. We need to get as many people to sign this thing, whether vapers or not, so that the Government can see exactly how many people oppose such a radical move.

On it, it has been asked that recommendations be amended due to them being heavy handed, as well as being discriminatory against consumers outside of metropolitan areas, among others.

It is also asked that e-cigarettes not be regulated similar to tobacco products, due to they not being Tobacco products, and having further community and business consultation is required.

It’s really important that all vapers in South Australia get involved in this, so print out these pages below, and get them signed, get your family to sign, get the guy at the local pizza bar to sign!

The more signatures the better. Get started now!

Where to Send?

Oh and if you’re wondering where you can send these petitions once you’ve got them signed, heres a list of vendors with their addresses. Go pay them a visit and drop it off, or you can snail mail it in to one of them, and your contribution will be added to the collection.

  • D&R Vape
    685 Marion Road, Ascot Park, SA, 5043
  • MAD APE VAPE Supplies
  • The Vapoureyes Lounge // Blair Athol
    472 Main North Road, Blair Athol, South Australia 5084
  • The Vape Company
    20 Palina Ct, Smithfield SA 5114
  • Vapen
    Shop 1/865 North East Rd, Modbury, SA 5092
  • Vape Your Way
    Shop 7 474-476 Payneham Rd, Glynde, SA 5070
  • Vape4life
    56 West Thebarton Road,Thebarton, SA, 5031
    Shop 6, 208 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
  • Vape98
    98 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000
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