Review: Lovelle and Lowvelle Coils by Moist Coils

Review: Lovelle and Lowvelle Coils by Moist Coils

We don’t have that many “coil pros” here in Australia, and even fewer offering their coils on a commercial level.

(For some of the newer vapers) Pre-made coils are available from most vape shops as well as specialised makers, making it easy for beginners, and advanced users alike to benefit from the improved flavour that these coils provide, without having to learn the art, spending hours upon hours making these things yourself. (It really can be frustrating and time-consuming)

You’ll typically install these in an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) or an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) where you have the freedom to install the coils using whatever clamp system the individual atomizer provides.

For a quick rundown on how to install them please see this YouTube video. (

I have to admire the patience and artistry involved with creating advanced coils, these coil makers have perfected the art, and provide a damn solid product for us lazy vapers to use.

Today I’ve got some of Moist Coil’s “Lovelle” and “Lowvelle” coils up for review. These coils are perfect for people who love low builds, with regulated devices, or even single coil mech vapers, looking for that little bit of extra flavour.

(These coils were provided by the vendor for the purpose of review)

Moist Coils have been around for a while now, just over a year I think, and Paul the owner, has been making coils for even longer, slowly building up a name for himself as one of the go-to coil builders here in Adelaide. There are a heap of coils available ranging from Lovelles, Low-velles, Jugganauts, Low Low’s, Dilos and more. He even has a new range out called “HighVelles” which are higher resistance, aimed at Stacked Mech users or vapers who prefer to use Series mods.

Product Specifications:

Lowvelles (5 wrap)
0.07 – 0.11 Ohms 3mm ID
Core 24ga Ni80 (x2)
Outer 35ga Ni80

Lovelles (6 wrap)
0.17 – 0.23 Ohms 3mm ID
Core 26ga Ni80 (x2)
Outer 35ga Ni80

The Review:

As you can see from the pictures, “Moist Coils” come in a great little package, a little black plastic screw down jar with the Moist Coils label with logo, and the type of coil marked on the top. This container, helps keep the coils in perfect condition during transit, preventing them from getting squashed and making sure you receive the product without damage.

On a side note, after I received these, me being primarily a single coil squonker, I realised that I didn’t have a modern RDA large enough to run a dual coil build, (no I wasn’t going to use one of my older RDAs…) so I popped out and picked up a Bonza RDA by the Vaping Bogan, to pop these in. (Review to come later).

These coils are neat and tidy, very well built, and sturdy as hell! Installing them was a breeze, there is little flexing, and are very easily manipulated to fit into even the most difficult atomizer.

Prime firing them (dry fire) on a low wattage saw each set glow nice and evenly, leaving me with a brilliant blue coil. (No longer blue for the photos as I’ve since dry fired again at a slightly higher wattage.) I noticed that there were very few hotspots and a quick stroke across the coils had them lighting up really cleanly.

The biggest surprise and the thing that impressed me most, was the accuracy of the wraps.

Many pre-made coils that I’ve used in the past, are “around about” the correct resistance. With Moist Coils, the 0.18 Lovelles came out to a perfect resistance and even in dual coil mode, calibrated in at 0.09ohms on the dot as did the 0.10 ohm Low velles in single coil mode at exactly what was advertised. No more, no less, exactly spot on. This is the biggest plus in my opinion, getting exactly what is advertised on the tin. New builders will appreciate that attention to detail and feel comfortable in knowing that once they’ve gotten their coils to fire evenly, they’ll get the ohms that they expect.

Where to Buy

You can contact Paul directly on facebook through his “Moist Coils” page (, or you can also pick up some of his awesome coils from many vendors around Australia. (There are just too many to list here)

Final Thoughts:

“Moist Coils'” Lovelle and Low-Velle coils have performed precisely as expected and in my opinion are a top notch product coming from one of Adelaides premiere coil builders.

If you’re looking at going up a level and installing some pre-made advanced coils, you can’t go past Paul’s work for accuracy and a really well made product. He pays attention to detail, and you can be sure that every coil has been built with care, and at the highest standard possible.


Pre-made coils such as these are recommended for advanced users, you should always build and check your resistance using a reliable ohm reader, and every care should be taken to avoid putting low builds on devices where you may go below your battery’s maximum amperage.

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