Fight for your right to Vape

Fight for your right to Vape

So we all love vaping right? For some us, keeping you from smoking may have even saved your life.

I’m guessing that you would really like to be able to keep doing it. Free from limitations, free from exorbitant taxes on products, free to be able to purchase the products that suit you, no matter which state or country you reside, in what is “your” cigarette quitting journey?

Of course you do. We all do. Why wouldn’t you?

Well, what if I told you that governments, public health committees, and various other organisations are right now doing everything in their power to regulate, tax, and even outright ban your chosen method of quitting?

Not only that, but what if I also told you that they are blatantly doing it with smear campaigns, irresponsible legislations, and social engineering using funded industry experts that have everything to gain from the demise of vaping as we know it.

You’d be outraged, furious even, right?
You’d want to do something about your rights being taken away. Right?

You can.

Visit the links below, join some of the various pro-vaping groups that are fighting the fight. Email or phone your local government representatives, tell them that they are making a monumental mistake, and what a difference vaping has made in your life.

Do something. Even if it is just spreading the word on Social Media (facebook).

Vaping might have saved “you”. Now it’s time for you to save “it”.

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Some more information on FDA vaping bans in the USA and Europe.

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Shane Presser has been vaping since 2013, and has extensive experience with advanced equipment, coil builds and DIY mixing. He is the man behind VapersGarage, and also more recently the Vape Database (, a resource to help vapers find hardware and equipment based on their individual needs.