eLiquid Review: Jelly Candy by VapourEyes

eLiquid Review: Jelly Candy by VapourEyes

Today’s flavour comes from Vapour Eyes, and is one of their newer releases. I don’t remember this one being in the experimental list on their site, it kind of just slipped into the main juice catalogue straight away. That must make it outstandingly good!

Let’s see!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Jelly Candy”!

This eliquid was not supplied by the vendor, it is store bought.

From the website:

The picture says it all, not massively sweet, tangy inhale with a dash of jelly and fruityness on the exhale, it’s no wonder it has done so well in our retail store without even a dash of promotion.

Hari-go get yourself some now.

Tangy, Sweet
Fruit Tingles, Fruity Gummy Candy, Hints of Sherbet
Pair with
Citrus Water
Recommended Steep Time
24 Hours is great, but shake and vape this shiz.
PG:VG Blend

The Review:

Thename “Jelly Candy” stirs up thoughts of sugary gelatinous sweets like jelly babies, raspberries and strawberry and creams. You all know the ones that stick to your teeth and hold on for dear life even if you’ve spent the last 5 minutes chewing the hell out of them!

We’re a little bit further afield than those old legends though!

“Jelly Candy” is a sweet sweet combination of jelly candies, sherbet and fizzy sweets, that will glide over your tastebuds leaving you with a little tang and a craving for more!

I have to say, this was totally not what I expected. The jelly candies are there as well as all of their characteristics, but they are joined by a dryer more tangy flavour and a light fizz.

Its a little bit of fruit tingles and a little bit of rocket candy, a similar flavour to those candy necklaces we all are as kids.

There are times where I also get a real hit of Wizz fizz sherbert too, this is a really multifaceted flavour.

On the inhale, I get a real tangy and sweet candied fruit flavour. It’s not quite any particular candy at this point, more a sweet hard boiled lolly.

The exhale sees the flavour intensify and the candy notes come through. It’s a fight between jelly candies and their dryer siblings such as fruit tingles or rocket candy. There are nuances of each creating a real sugar coated gummy candy much like a fruit pastille.

The sweetness reaches its height here and finishes the vape off nicely smoothing off the candy notes leaving me with a thick jello mouth feel.

This juice is tasty yet lightly sweetened, and makes for a great all day vape. I definately did not get sick of this one!

Great work guys!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up “Jelly Candy” as well as many other great flavours from VapourEyes’ Aussie website (http://www.vapoureyes.com.au), their NZ website (http://www.vapoureyes.co.nz) or from one of their many stockists.


Light honey tint


Fruit Candy

Coil damage:

No damage to coils or wicks.

PG/VG Ratio:



Sweet, Candied


No steeping necessary with this one!


Minimalist presentation as always. Big bold text on black and white labels, child proof black kid on a clear plastic 30ml needle tip bottle. All the information you might need is there right on the label.

Test rigs:

Hadaly RDA with single SS coil @ 0.3 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
Kennedy RDA with dual SS coil @ 0.4 ohms on a regulated mod running 50-80 watts.

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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil Friendly
  • Vape Quality
  • Personal rating
Total score
Good 4.2