eJuice Review: Vanilla Nut Tobacco by Silk Road Vapour

eJuice Review: Vanilla Nut Tobacco by Silk Road Vapour

The first bunch of samples that I reviewed from Silk Road Vapour a while ago were great, I was very impressed with the flavour, quality, and nice consistency of flavour intensity from their line.

They proved themselves a professional outfit, skillful in their mixing as well as providing a top notch customer service with their fast shipping times and dealing with my many questions eloquently.

I’m very pleased to have some more of their range to review for you all, and this time, with some “You-Beaut” brand-spanking new labels!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Banana Smoothie”!

From the website:

An after dusk treat. A strong blend of nutty tobacco with a touch of butterscotch and vanilla. Save it for the special occasions, its worth it.
Steeping: Let this one steep for at least two weeks, the longer the better!

The Review:

I love tobacco flavours, there is just something about them. To me, they usually get reserved as a special treat, rather than vaping them all day long, I associate tobacco as an indulgent flavour, something to be vaped after dinner, with a nice whiskey or a sweet port while I’m relaxing. Let me tell you folks, this is something special, but definately not just for your downtime, this is one tobacco that is an all day vape!

“Vanilla Nut Tobacco” has to be the smoothest, creamiest tobacco that Ive ever had. It is a light dry tobacco, with a thick, sweet and smooth vanilla, and a nutty backnote that oozes class, but indulges you with its dessert profile.

If you’re looking for a vape that is both a light dry tobacco, and an all day vape dessert, you can stop your search right here. With it’s dessert profile, yet dry tobacco background its the perfect combination.

The inhale is all vanilla, with a hint of tobacco. Obviously at this point its quite a light flavour, and the vanilla dominates, but the tobacco does shine through with a little bit of dryness and that undeniable throat feel.

The exhale sees everything pull together nicely, with the vanilla ever increasing, the tobacco fights for dominance but just falls short of become a forefront flavour, retaining that classic tobacco dryness, with the sweetness and moistness of the vanilla washing over it, again and again.

About halfway through the exhale, I notice the nut make an appearance. Its quite a light note and really is a background nuance that helps tie both the vanilla and tobacco together, and adds a little layering to an otherwise straight forward profile. The nut is not of any noticeable type, but to hazard a guess, I would say it is a hazelnut. Creamy in texture, but light enough to not take over and stand up as a main flavour.

An indulgent blend that will satisfy both tobacco and dessert vapers, add this one to your list, its a must try!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up any of Silk Road Vapours’ flavours direct from their website (http://www.silkroadvapour.com.au).

Silk Road Vapour will be having a 30% store wide sale through to Tuesday 18th of July. Get on it guys, that’s a great deal!




Vanilla Tobacco

Coil damage:

Cotton darkens a little, but minimal issues with coils.

PG/VG Ratio:



Full bodied, thick and creamy.


Always steep tobaccos. For as long as possible.


Top notch presentation as always from Silk Road. This time around they’ve got some fancy new labels, embellished with some gold/copper striping on satin black background.
I received 30ml ready to vape clear unicorn bottles with child-proof caps all sealed up nicely.

Test rigs:

Hadaly RDA with single SS coil @ 0.3 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
Kennedy RDA with dual SS coil @ 0.4 ohms on a regulated mod running 50-80 watts.

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Rating overview

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Total score
Good 4.2