eLiquid Review: Banana Ice Cream by Sticky Fingers

eLiquid Review: Banana Ice Cream by Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers have not been around long, but are moving along quite quickly judging by how many stores stock their eliquids. From the information that I can find, they have been around since the beginning of 2017 and are based out of Brisbane.

Here is a little exerpt from their website:
“We craft premium E-Juice from the ground up. We source the best flavours available on the market to develop a quality product with a high flavour release and a smooth inhale/exhale. Our Vegetable Glycerin is Organic & Palm Oil Free providing a cleaner end result.

Lifting the bar in the Australian Vaping Industry, we intend to keep bringing you the freshest and most innovative flavors we can develop. Sticky Fingers is a lifestyle and we intend to live it.”

Today I’ll be reviewing “Banana Ice Cream”!

This eliquid was not supplied by the vendor, it is store bought.

From the website:

A bowl of straight up, Banana flavoured ice cream. Delicious, Creamy and Refreshing. This one will have you back wanting more!

The Review:

The first time I saw the sticky fingers brand was in one of my local vape stores. It wasn’t a brand that I’d come across before, and thought, what the hey, I’ll give it a try. It also helps that the tattooed hardware reviewing bloke serving you, tells you its one of his favourites, has it in his mech mod and passes it over to give you crack. I had to grab a bottle then!

And its a good thing that I did because…

“Banana Ice Cream” is a kickass candied banana ice cream, with tonnes of vanilla goodness, and an icy hit at the end to keep you on your toes.

Like other icy banana flavours before it, I really like this one. It has the perfect candied banana feel, with a touch of sweetness and a cool blast of koolada that really gives the impression of everyones favourite frozen dessert.

The banana, as mentioned is a candied banana, like the sweets you get in variety packs, a soft milky almost powdered sweet with plenty of sugar. It’s not a banana runt at all or anything sharp, it is smooth and velvety.

I’d assume there would have to be a cream in here somewhere as well as the vanilla bean ice cream. I’m guessing a whipped cream, or a marshmallow that provides the smoothness and sweetness without any additional sweetener, as it seems fairly friendly on coils and wicks.

The inhale is all banana cream, or banana lollies, smooth with a little sweetness. The sweetness here is more marshmallow than sugar or sweetener, with a full body to it.

The exhale is much the same but with a stronger flavour intensity. The banana really comes into it’s own mixing with the velvety vanilla/cream/marshmallow blend. Toward the end of the exhale, a chill is introduced, a real koolada/menthol hit that flips the warm and sweet candy into a cool vanilla based banana ice cream!

A nice introduction to the Sticky Fingers range!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up “Banana Ice Cream” as well as the other Sticky Fingers eliquids directly from their website (https://stickyfingersejuice.com.au/), or from one of their many stockists.


Light honey tint



Coil damage:

Some gunking of coils but not alot. I am still using the same wick after 2 days.

PG/VG Ratio:

50/50 douber mixed down to about 65/35


Full bodied Banana, on ice


Steeping might make a little difference. But it is great straight away!


This came in a 30ml clear unicorn bottle with needle tip and black child proof cap. The graphics on the label are awesome, very cartoonish. All the info you need is in the fine print on the label.

Test rigs:

Hadaly RDA with single SS coil @ 0.3 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
Kennedy RDA with dual SS coil @ 0.4 ohms on a regulated mod running 50-80 watts.


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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil Friendly
  • Vape Quality
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Total score
Good 4.2