Vapers Garage eLiquid Ratings Explained

Vapers Garage eLiquid Ratings Explained

I’ve worked pretty hard at working on a rating system for Vapers Garage that I feel is not only honest, but fair and easy to understand for my readers.

This was no easy task, as there are many factors to a good or bad juice, and a few gotchas in between.

If you’re ever wondering what my ratings stars mean in my eLiquid reviews, you can refer to the following guide that will explain the 4 main elements that I rate on.

As with every aspect of Vapers Garage, my primary aim is to make this a useful resource for the vaping community, and as such completely welcome feedback and any input into how things are done.

Got an idea or a suggestion? Send me a message, I don’t bite, and I’m more than happy to hear from any of my readers!

Flavor Accuracy: 1 – 5

5: Spot on. Exactly what the real flavour tastes like.
4: Almost there. So close to a spot on flavour it’s just not funny.
3: A good attempt at capturing the flavour, it’s good but might need a little work.
2: Tastes somewhat like it is meant to, but misses the mark a bit.
1: You didn’t even try did you?

Coil Friendly: 1 – 5

5: Absolutely zero gunking of coils or darkening of wicks. A really really clean juice.
4: Almost completely clean, but may gunk coils or darken wicks or affect the wicking of wicks over time.
3: Wicks and coils gunk up over a period of a week.
2: Wicks and coils gunk up over a period of a few days.
1: Will kill your wicks and coils pretty quickly.

Vape Quality: 1 – 5

5: A nice smooth vape. No astringent or unexpected nastiness.
4: Not quite perfectly smooth, but almost.
3: May have an astringent or unexpected unpleasant nuance.
2: Something is just not right here, perhaps the mixer made an error.
1: Just not a nice vape. I want to change flavours.

Personal Rating: 1 – 5

5: Awesome flavour, this one is staying by my side until the bottle is finished.
4: I like it. Its a great flavour, and a well made juice.
3: Not bad, but Im not getting very excited about this one.
2: This isn’t working for me. Something is wrong here.
1: Terrible. I probably switched flavours out pretty quickly after this one.


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Shane Presser has been vaping since 2013, and has extensive experience with advanced equipment, coil builds and DIY mixing. He is the man behind VapersGarage, and also more recently the Vape Database (, a resource to help vapers find hardware and equipment based on their individual needs.