Vape Hardware Review: Eleaf Pico Squeeze

Vape Hardware Review: Eleaf Pico Squeeze

PSqueeze_30Bottom fed vape mods are getting more popular by the day, and with more and more of the big names producing their own signature hardware, we are starting to see some really interesting adaptations.

The Pico Squeeze by Eleaf sees the familiar form factor of the iStick Pico carried over to their first Bottom Feed Box Mod (Squonker).

Similar to the Kanger Dripbox, the Eleaf Pico Squeeze, comes in a variety of colours (black, silver, grey, white, hot pink) and uses the concept of the bottle being inserted from the bottom of the mod like a cartridge, which seals with the bottle grommet that is then pushed up and inside the mod itself, creating a leak-free mechanism.

Based on Direct Output Voltage and the built in chip regulating down to 50W, this mod acts more like a mechanical mod than a regulated one.

The Pico Squeeze is priced quite cheaply, at around $18 USD for the mod itself, or $26 USD for the full kit including the Coral RDA, it’s a great entry level squonker, with a huge bang for the buck.

Specifications and Features

  • Direct Output Voltage
  • 50W Maximum
  • 0.15 ohm to 3.5 ohm
  • Output Based on Battery State
  • Fully Charged Battery = Greater Output
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Compact Form Factor
  • 46mm by 23mm by 75mm
  • Refillable Squonk Design
  • Cutout for Easy Squeezing
  • 6.5ml Bottle Capacity, Bottom Loaded
  • 18650 Powered, Top Loaded
  • Single Button Operation
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection, Gold Plated
  • MicroUSB Charge Port
  • 1A Max Charge Rate

Product Includes:

  • One iStick Pico Squeeze
  • One Squonk Bottle
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The Review

PSqueeze_22I’m really impressed with the quality of this little guy, specially considering the low price point. Its not only affordable but built solidly with a great quality feel to it.
The size is great, only slightly taller than its brother, the iStick Pico, it fits nicely in hand and the position of the squonk hole feels very natural to use.

The bottle is quite squishy, and the squonk action really light, you won’t have to push very hard to get decent juice flow.

I’m finding that the bottle attachment system is really easy to use, and a lot less messy than others, no having to push a silicone tube onto a 510 pin here, you just push the bottle up to the silicone grommet and push it home into the mod.

The only issues Ive had with the bottles are that sometimes they can be quite difficult to remove due to the minimal tolerances between the width of the bottles and where they slide into the mod. I’ve also had one bottle split on me, with only a week of use. So far, this second bottle is holding up, but purchasing spares is probably a good idea.

PSqueeze_23The Pico Squeeze regulates your power down to 50 Watts, so building below 0.2ohms won’t make a difference as you get capped at the 50w mark.

Having said that, my build is a 0.2ohm stainless steel single coil, and it’s been chugging along nicely.
The battery seems to last for a decent amount of time, I am not getting any noticeable voltage drop, and the vape does not drop off too badly before I need to change the single 18650 battery out.

This mod has a little LED light on the side near the USB charger port that will light up when being fired.
After each fire, it will light up again for a moment or two pulsing to indicate your battery level. I find this really handy when monitoring my batteries.
One long pulse with no break means you battery is mostly full. 3 long pulses and your battery is still ok. 3 fast pulses and you might want to change it out as it is fairly drained.

It features reverse polarity protection, which is a bonus, and a 5 click on-off system so that you can turn it off when you want to put it away in your pocket.


  • Solid construction
  • Great small size
  • Easy battery change
  • Easy bottle change
  • No leaks
  • Very soft bottles
  • Decent juice capacity
  • Sprung 510
  • Cheap price


  • Bottles wear quickly and can split
  • Limited to 50 Watts
  • Limited to 22-23mm atomisers
  • Getting the bottle out can be tricky

This is a great little entry level mod for anyone looking to get into squonking. It’s reliable, with a great form factor and a really cool bottle attachment system. It may not be enough for some of the higher wattage vapers, but perfect for those only pushing up to 50 Watts.

You can pick up a Pico Squeeze at most great online retailers, Fasttech have both the Pico Squeeze Mod, and the Pico Squeeze kit with the Coral RDA, as does 3FVape, and


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