Review: Fogger Mini by Yiloong

Review: Fogger Mini by Yiloong

The fogger mini. Oh how I wished this was around a year ago! I really liked the original Fogger.

Many seemed to have problems with wicking and what-not, but I always seemed to have good luck with it. It was an awesome on the road vape, and always gave me tonnes of flavour and clouds, depending on the build.

Before now, as far as RTA’s for 14500 mods, I was a little limited to the looooooong kayfun mini, or the looooooong taifun mini. I so wanted for a shorter RTA that looked great on a mini nemesis or 14500 mech mod.

Enter 2014, with the iStick and other small variable wattage devices, the announcement of a Fogger mini was music to my ears!

This thing really is as good as its big brother.

  • Adjustable air flow
  • Adjustable copper positive pin
  • Top filling
  • Looks great on the istick/14500 mod

It ticked all the boxes, so I pulled the trigger.


For me, the airflow is great. I don’t lung pull on RTA’s so the limited air-flow is ok with me. Some have complained about the inability to do lung hits, so if that is your thing, the Fogger mini aint gonna cut it for you. If you’re a mouth to lung hitter though, this thing is great!


Yiloong have made the new Foggers top fill. Which is fantastic. They’ve installed a little oring that you pull up in order to fill with a needle tip. They’ve even machined a little notch into the top cap, to make it easier to lift the oring.


Zero. None. I’ve not had a leak in this yet. Besides the standard excess juice in the evapouration chamber (which you blow out easily) when you top fill and forget to close off the air (user error), this thing has stayed nice and dry.


It is a little difficult to coil. The wire holes in the posts are turned around so that when you coil, there is a 90 degree bend in your coil legs. Not for the faint hearted, but if you stick at it you’ll get it done. The posts are quite close together also, so a 3mm coil is a little large. 2mm coil fits just nicely with a tiny bit of room on each side.


It holds about 1.8ml of juice. Which is not a lot, so if you want it for “all day” use, you’ll need to fill it a couple of times. It does burn through the juice quite quickly, but it’ll tide you over for a couple of hours before filling. (depending on the build of course)


This wicks wonderfully. On every voltage I’ve tried, no dry hits. It does get close, but it all comes down to how you vape and how you wick it. Kayfun users are probably used to not putting any cotton down the channels, but with this baby, just push a little down about halfway and you’re good. I just pack it in a little with the chamber screwed on and I get zero leaks. If I don’t “pack” it in though, it tends to leak over time. (same as the original larger fogger did). It’s not a major issue though as blowing out the evapouration chamber and wiping off the excess is a no-brainer, if you’re prone to leave it sitting for extended periods of time. (Or you can just close of the air flow ring of course, which is what I do)


The machining on the Fogger Mini is pretty good. The threads catch nicely and don’t stick at any point, they spin smoothly as you’d expect. There are a few sharp edges here and there, but all in all the finish and machining is quite good. The fitment of the glass is perfect, and clearances for the top cap etc are spot on. It feels sturdy, and pretty much unbreakable when it’s all put together.


  • Easy filling (top filling)
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Adjustable pin
  • Shorter size than Kayfun mini and Taifun mini.
  • Glass tank
  • Zero leakage
  • Great wicking


  • Not the easiest to rebuild
  • Fill hole could be a little larger
  • Airflow could be a little bigger
  • Liquid capacity could be larger

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