Information on my Eliquid Reviews


reviewsHow can I get my eJuice line reviewed by you?
That’s an easy one. Contact me through the contact page on our website, or message me from my Facebook page, and ask me where you can send your eJuice line to review.

How much do you charge for juice reviews?
Nothing, its completely free.

How much should I send you?
I have found that really small amounts don’t allow me to really get into the flavour or try it out on various devices, there never seems to be enough! I prefer at minimum a bottle that will make up to 30ml (typically I vape up to 20ml per day so this allows me to try it in a few tanks too.)

Can I send larger bottles?
Sure, the larger you send, the longer I’ll vape it for, and the more I can report on the various nuances of a flavour. In short, you’ll get a more detailed review, the more you send 🙂

Do I have to send my whole juice line?
Of course not. I’m happy to review whatever you send through. You can send one, three, or your whole line. That’s completely up to you.

How long will it be before you review my flavours?
That really all depends on how backlogged I am.
Sometimes there may be a few juice lines in front of you and it could potentially be a 3 week wait, other times, there may not be any and ill be able to jump on it right away. So best to get the ball rolling early, specially if you need to align the reviews with any promotions you are doing.

Should I supply artwork?
You don’t have to, it does help though. Typically I’ll need a high resolution copy of your logo, and some supporting artwork that I can use as a background for each blog post header.

Can I share your review on social media?
Of course, each blog post is automatically shared with my Twitter, Google+, and my Facebook page, and I will usually re-share to several Facebook groups too. You are more than welcome to share them yourself.

Can you give me a better review? What if I pay you?
If you’d like to make a donation, for the hours of work involved in creating your juice review, graphics, time taken away from my family, thank-you, I very much appreciate it.
Unfortunately it won’t make your review any better. The integrity and honesty of my reviews is something that I am very proud of.
The review is based on the juice itself, no outside factors will ever compromise a review that I make.

Will you give me a bad review if you don’t personally like a flavour?
No. I will judge the juice on factors such as flavour accuracy, how well flavours work together. I try to keep my personal tastes out of my reviews and review them as subjectively as I can.

Can you link to my site from your review? What about other promotion ideas like coupon codes?
Of course, I usually do link directly to the vendor’s website, and I am more than happy to incorporate coupon codes or any other promotional offers that you might think of into my review posts.