eLiquid Review: Copperhead by Eastwood Elixirs

eLiquid Review: Copperhead by Eastwood Elixirs

Ive been on a bit of a rampage lately, trying a few different vendors that I’ve not heard of or juices that I’ve always meant to try. So it’ll be no surprise that today’s juice comes from a vendor that I’ve never come across before, Eastwood Elixirs.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on these guys, besides that they have X3 different flavours available on the VapourEyes website.

Today I’ll be reviewing “Copperhead”!

This e-liquid was not supplied by the vendor, it is store bought.

From the website:

Flavour: Fizzy Fruit flavoured lollies.
Reminiscentof childhood lollies, once it bites you we can’t promise that it won’t take over you.

The Review:

This one was easily going to be put in the the like bucket. I must admit I did choose it by the description and was looking for something of this profile to vape. Something sweet and fizzy.

“Copperhead” is a little bit fruit tingles, a little bit sherbert and a little bit citrus, it’s sweet and switches up on every vape, keeping you busy picking the flavour all day long.

I’m really liking this juice, as I mentioned above, the flavours switch out every so often, so no vape is the same as the last, and the best part?

It doesn’t wane in flavour intensity like many fizzy candy flavours can. The flavours are as strong today as they were two days ago, and just as interesting!

One minute I’m vaping a fizzy fruit tingle juice with a little zest and tingly sugar, and the next I get a slightly dryer fizzy sherbert coming through. Then I re-wet my wicks and get lemon drops!

The inhale is lightly fruity and sweet, quite evenly balanced and full bodied.

On the exhale the flavour intensifies with the zest and fizziness making an appearance. At the turn, things dry out a little creating a fizzy sherbert sensation that then flashes a little lemon and finishes off with a really nice sugary sweetness.

As sweet as this is, I am getting zero issues with coils and wicks. The sweetness must be coming from the fruits, and no sweetener added. No easy feat!

Great job on this one, it’s a lovely all day vape for fruit and sweets lovers!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up “Copperhead” as well as the other Eastwood Elixirs eliquids from the VapourEyes website (https://vapoureyes.com.au/collections/eastwood-elixirs).


Totally clear


Fizzy fruit candy / sherbert

Coil damage:

No damage at all

PG/VG Ratio:

50/50 doubler mixed down to about 65VG/35PG


Sweet and fruity


No steeping necessary.


I’m really liking these 30ml bottles. They are clear plastic with needle tip and black childproof cap. The shape is what makes them though. They are squarish bottles with a slight indent which makes them really easy to squeeze. Ive never seen these before.
The labels are parchment coloured with a black border, the Eastwood Elixirs logo, the name of the juice, ingredients and standard warnings.

Test rigs:

Hadaly RDA with single SS coil @ 0.3 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
Kennedy RDA with dual SS coil @ 0.4 ohms on a regulated mod running 50-80 watts.


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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil Friendly
  • Vape Quality
  • Personal rating
Total score
Good 4.2