eJuice Review: Thalarctos by Limitless Vape Australia

eJuice Review: Thalarctos by Limitless Vape Australia

Limitless Vape don’t muck around. They don’t often release new flavours, but when they do, you can be sure that it is only after extensive testing, hundreds of variations, and even then, the boys have to deem the flavour good enough to release to their loyal customers.

Here is one that has been a long time in the making, and something that I know Limitless are very proud of.

Today I’ll be reviewing “Thalarctos”, the latest flavour from their Signature Series!

From the website:

From the depths of Antartica, Thalarctos brings you his exquisite juice. Filled with a combination of sweet nuts, tobacco, cream, hint of banana with a nice cool subtle menthol on the exhale. You will love this smooth mix to vape.

The Review:

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a tobacco flavour, so I was really looking forward to this one. Let me tell you it didn’t let me down either!

“Thalarctos” is a smooth blend of dry tobacco, ripe banana, subtle nuts with an exhale that is not only creamy but lightly chilled for a lovely cool exhale.

There is quite a lot going on with this juice. The banana and nut naturally work really well together and they are a welcome addition to the tobacco, giving it a little more complexity without overthrowing it as the primary flavour.

The cream and menthols also integrate wonderfully with the rest of the mix, thickening up the texture and providing a light chill bringing all of the flavour notes together even more.

The inhale is predominantly a dry tobacco with light touches of banana and nut. Whilst the tobacco is the main note, you’ll find yourself taking notice of the banana and nut a little more, whilst the tobacco provides a slight dry texture and base low note that ties it all together.

These 3 carry on through to the exhale where they intensify a little until they are joined by a touch of cream that begins to thicken things up, leaving you with a very nice dry yet silky texture.

The icing on the cake, or should I say exhale, is the cool finish. Rather than leaving this flavour as a warm dry tobacco, Limitless have given it a little contrast, turning the warm dry tobacco, into a chilled banana tobacco that turns in an instant, at about halfway through the exhale. It not only enhances the flavours further but helps to smooth them all into the one flavour with underlying unique nuances.

While not a pure tobacco in the traditional sense, Ive really enjoyed this flavour, with it’s delicate and complimentary notes, making this a light yet complex mix that is easily all day vape material.

Good show guys, well done!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up any of Limitless Vapes’ flavours direct from their website (http://www.limitlessvape.com.au), or from their various stockists.




Banana / Tobacco

Coil damage:

Zero issues with coil gunking, this is a very clean juice.

PG/VG Ratio:



Full bodied thick texture


Steeping is a good idea to help all of the tobacco notes smooth out and blend nicely.


I received a ready to vape sample in a 60ml unicorn bottle, with their awesome new label. They’ve got a black background with some vibrant, almost metallic coloured print, and you’ll find all of the necessary information on them that you might need.

Test rigs:

Hadaly RDA with single SS coil @ 0.3 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
Kennedy RDA with dual SS coil @ 0.4 ohms on a regulated mod running 50-80 watts.

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Good 4.2