eJuice Review: Sunday Market by Vapesters

eJuice Review: Sunday Market by Vapesters

Sorry it’s been a few days between reviews folks, but the wait is over now and I’ve got something special for you today.
Vapesters have kept this one and only released it for special occasions in the past, but not anymore, you can pick this up anytime of the year.
Today I’ll be reviewing “Sunday Market”!

This juice was supplied by the vendor.

From the website:

It’s the end of your weekend, and everything you had to do is done. Freshly cooked, with a sweet glaze, and a strawberry icing to top it off, Sunday Market will be the best donut you ever tasted. Reward yourself and pick one up today. On second thoughts, it might be a good idea to grab a whole box.

The Review:

This is my favourite type of donut. A berlina. Typically a sweet baked dough with a rich strawberry jam inside and a sugary sweet pink icing over the top. The conversion from food to vape flavours can be a tricky endeavour, but I think Vapesters have done a great job on this one. “Sunday Market” is almost a spot on copy of my favourite donut.

Individual Notes

The bakery here has a really nice sweet doughy note to it. A little dry, which is exactly the texture it should be, with a little sweetness and a touch of biscuit.

The strawberry jam is quite jelly like, and really really sweet. Very much like a really thick jam. Its a pretty realistic strawberry jam too. No candy flavour here. It mimics the real thing very well.

The icing. With a really wet wick and a really nice big hit, the icing is tremendous. It’s not a dominant note but it’s there. I don’t think I’ve tried a juice that claimed to have the pink icing, and actually has it! Well done on this Vapesters.

Inhale & Exhale

The sad part about creating a donut flavour is the sequence of notes doesnt necessarily happen as it would with food. When biting down into a berlina, I’ll normally taste the dough first, then the icing and then the strawberry or raspberry jam once I’ve bitten down into it. Obviously this can’t be done with vape juices as you’ll typically notice the fruits first and bakery on the exhale.
This flavour is no different.

On the inhale I pickup on the strawberry jam first and foremost. It’s really thick and sugary, as a jam should be, and gives you a nice whack of flavour. I also notice the icing flavour coming through here too, albeit much more of a delicate nuance.

The exhale sees the jam and icing get a little stronger, but more importantly, the donut bakery notes appear. The bakery is quite doughy and bready, it is sweet with a little touch of cinnamon for good measure. It pops out from between the jam and icing notes, and as the exhale continues, fades back into them and finishing off with everything blending together for a nice thick sweet vape.

Final thoughts

Not exactly like a jam donut, but pretty close. The jam and icing work really well, but having the bakery appear after the jam kind of ruins it a little. This can’t be helped though, as this is the nature with vape flavours. Typically fruits will appear on the inhale and bakeries on the exhale, there just is no getting around that.

I’ve really enjoyed this one, and as I mentioned on my last Vapesters review, I can see why these flavours were kept for special occasions, as limited editions, as they really are that extra something special. Make sure you grab some today. This one will keep you dessert vapers busy for a while!

Where to Buy:

You can pick this flavour up directly from the Vapesters website (https://vapesters.com.au) or through one of their stockists.


Honey Tint


Strawberry / Doughnut

Coil and wick damage:

Minimal wick or coil damage

PG/VG Ratio:



Thick, sweet and bakery


A decent steep is recommended for this one


As always fantastic presentation from Vapesters. The bottles are quality clear unicorn bottles with child proof lids and needle tips for dripping or filling tanks. The labels are top notch with the vapesters logo, juice name, graphic and all the other info you might need.

Test rigs:

Haku Cruiser RDA with single SS coil @ 0.2 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
OBS Engine RTA on Revenger mod @ 80w


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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil/Wick Friendly
  • Vape Quality
  • Personal rating
Total score
Good 4.2