eJuice Review: Orgazzmik by Cloudz 4 Dayz

eJuice Review: Orgazzmik by Cloudz 4 Dayz

I haven’t picked up a complex creamy vape for a while, so what do I choose? Only one of the more complex of flavours that has been through my review queue!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Orgazzmik”!

This juice was supplied by the vendor.

From the website:

Orgazzmik is a very complex flavour. At different stages of vaping it you taste and feel different things. Its the sort of juice which is perfect after dinner when chilling.

Hazelnut, peanut butter, banana, cream and caramel perfectly blended into a bottle!

The Review:

Complexity requires a delicate hand, contrasting flavours can cancel each other out, similar nuances can swallow others and some nuances just don’t play well with others and can easily completely destroy a juice.

The team at Cloudz 4 Dayz have proven themselves before though, and they’ve done so here with this juice. “Orgazzmik” is a complex blend of nutty backnotes, thick creams, rich hazelnut and caramel, all complimenting that little gem hiding in amongst the noise. The banana.

Individual Notes

Let’s run this from top to bottom. The banana is noticeable throughout the entire vape. This juice hinges on the banana being the one note that all others compliment, draw texture from and blend to. It’s a soft ripe banana, a little sweetened, definately not a candy as you might expect.

The cream and caramel together create a wonderfully rich, and thick texture that seems to surround the banana adding a bit of a syrup feel that works really well.

Also hinging from the banana, as well as anchoring to the caramel are the nuts. Peanut butter provides that unmistakeably nutty and pasty stickiness, while the hazelnut tones up everything.

Inhale & Exhale

The inhale starts off quite light and quickly thickens up to become really creamy. Small nuances of other flavours are apparent here, but not really defined enough to make out their individual profiles at this point. The banana is apparent, as well as the rich caramel notes and thick cream.

The exhale sees everything, of course, intensify. This is where the banana becomes the anchor with all of the other notes really singing in unison with it. All of the flavours intensify as the exhale continues with the peanut butter and caramel taking shape as the richer notes, the hazelnut and cream enveloping everything along the way in their thick creaminess, and the banana, the sole fruit holding everything together, providing that light fruitiness and marshmallow-esque airy thickness.

The end of the exhale brings all of these strong flavours together at just the right levels to create one deliciously creamy vape.

Final thoughts

This mix of dominating flavours might have you thinking that this might be a really strong overpowering flavour. It’s not. It is strong, it is full flavoured, but definitely not overpowering. Each note has been added with precision and care as to not interfere with the others, but work together to create one harmonious creamy dessert. It’s an interesting juice to vape, as you’ll find yourself looking for all of the individual flavours, wondering if you can notice any others also.

Love this flavour, nice work guys.

Where to Buy:

You can pick this flavour up directly from the Vapen website ( https://www.vapen.com.au ) or you can pop in to their store on North East Road, or grab it from a few of the other stores that stock them. I know Vape4Life ( http://vape4life.com.au ) are stocking them.


Honey Tint


Banana / Cream / Caramel / Hazelnut

Coil and wick damage:

Minimal wick or coil damage

PG/VG Ratio:

Max VG Ready to vape


Rich, thick and full textured


A steep is a very good idea with this one!


As always, “Cloudz 4 Dayz”, use 30ml clear unicorn bottles with child-proof caps, needle tip nozzles and some pretty impressive impacty labels. Large black labels with pink text and all the information you’ll ever need! Nice looking product!

Test rigs:

Haku Cruiser RDA with single SS coil @ 0.2 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
OBS Engine RTA on Revenger mod @ 80w

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Good 4