eJuice Review: Nonna’s Cookie Dough by Silk Road Vapour

eJuice Review: Nonna’s Cookie Dough by Silk Road Vapour

IMG_20161212_145047-01Dessert lovers, you’re in for a treat. This week I’ll be reviewing the Silk Road Vapour range of flavours, and many of them are bakeries and desserts!

Silk Road Vapour launched late in 2016, located in the outer suburbs of Sydney. They are mainly in the ejuice business, but do sell some other accessories on their site, like wick, wire, empty bottles and PG/VG.

Let’s get into them!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Nonna’s Cookie Dough”.

You can pick up the Silk Road Vapour range from the their website @ http://www.silkroadvapour.com.au

From the website:

Straight from the kitchen to the bottle! A careful mixture of home made butter, thickened cream, fresh vanilla bean, dark vanilla syrup and castor sugar. Blend it all together and you have the best cookie dough there ever was.

The Review:

If you ever hear someone talking about an awesome and realistic cookie dough flavour, they’re probably talking about this one.

Boy was I surprised when I took my first vape, I suppose I wasn’t expecting such a raw dough flavour, but it is! It’s exactly like nibbling on a flattened dough, whilst mum is cutting it out with the cookie cutter.

I won’t even pretend to pull this flavour apart, whilst the flavours are clearly written in the description, I just cant identify them individually.

The inhale sets the stage for the dough, at this point it’s more of a dry powdered dough straight from the cookie cutter.

The exhale sees the flavour ramp up quite a bit and turn it from dry powdered to a little bit sticky, a sticky doughy centre just like biting into the raw cookie dough and getting the sticky centre fill your mouth.

I’m afraid there is not much more I can say about this as all flavours combined make up this unique blend, and I just can’t seperate them!

This should definately not sway you away though, quite the opposite, as it’s a top notch flavour, every person who I’ve let try it has asked where to get more from!



Honey colour


Cookie dough

Coil damage:

Little to no coil damage

PG/VG Ratio:



Thick sticky doughy


Steeping is a good idea, due to the bakeries, mine has been steeping for just on a month now.


Hard clear plastic squeeze bottles with needle squirt tip and black child-proof caps. Basic print on matt white labels, provide all the needed information. PG/VG Ratio and bottle size are marked on label using check boxes.
Bottles arrived in a cardboard box filled with straw for packing.

Test rigs:

Odis O-Atty with single ss contact coil @ 0.2ohms on a coppervape squonk mod.

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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil Friendliness
  • Vape Quality
  • Personal Rating
Total score
Good 4.6