eJuice Review: Danish Oven by Clouded Visions

eJuice Review: Danish Oven by Clouded Visions

danish_oven_3_1024x1024Clouded Visions were in prototype stage for several new flavours in my last set of reviews, so unfortunately I did not get to try them. It was a timing thing, what can you do?

Well I’ve now gotten my hands on the newly released juices, so let’s give them a crack!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Danish Oven”.

You can pick up the Clouded Visions range from their website @ http://www.cloudedvisions.com.au

From the website:

“Danish Oven is Clouded Visions most intricate and complex flavour yet. Rich and full flavoured, this complex flavour combines layers of sweet danish pastry with spiced, cooked apple, covered in a decadent, full bodied vanilla custard. Not quite a custard danish, not quite an apple crumble, the perfect balance between the two.”

The Review:

There’s a lot of hype to this flavour. It’s the one that Clouded Visions fans have been raving about.

Well, its little wonder they have! This is a fantastic dessert flavour with complexity for miles, bakery for days and sweetness for the entire vape.

It’s creamy, its nutty and Danish pastry, and its apple crumble all in one.

Inhale is sweet custardy goodness, a nice smooth custard leading in.

On the turn of the inhale I start to get that sugary pastry note, that is reminiscent from an apple crumble mainly, but there are also notes of a Danish pastry there too.

As I exhale, I get a bit of nuttiness, and richness coming through complimenting the custard.
All of the flavours amalgamate now into a really lovely and complex sugary pastry flavour.

This is a creamy pastry done right, its no surprise that everyone loves this juice.

I think you’ve got yourselves another fan, great work Clouded Visions!


Honey colour


Apple Crumble

Coil damage:

No gunking coils.

PG/VG Ratio:

30PG/70VG singler (Ready to vape)


Nice creamy thick mouth texture


A nice long steep will be beneficial due to the creams


Professional presentation. Nice easy to squeeze unicorn bottles with white child proof caps. The label is a gloss white label with their logo and all of the essential details. The juice name is also colour coded, which adds a nice touch.

Test rigs:

Odis O-Atty with single ss contact coil @ 0.2ohms on a coppervape squonk mod.

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Rating overview

  • Flavour Accuracy
  • Coil Friendliness
  • Vape Quality
  • Personal Rating
Total score
Good 4.6