eJuice Review: Bearded Lady by Aunty Kat’s Sumptuous Blends

eJuice Review: Bearded Lady by Aunty Kat’s Sumptuous Blends

I still have quite a few of these random reviews to get through as I’ve been a little quiet over Christmas, but I’m getting there!

This next juice picked randomly from my review box is a play on an old favourite treat. It might not be apparent from the description, but you’ve all tried one at some point of your childhood. If not I pity you! Go get some immediately!

Today I’ll be reviewing, “Bearded Lady”!

This juice was supplied by the vendor.

From the website:

She’s a vagarious yoyo, lips plumper than raspberries. Her cookie duster sits raised above her coconut beard.

The Review:

Straight off the bat, this has an obvious “Iced Vovo” feel to it. It really does capture the essence of the biscuit, with raspberry and coconut topping.
The flavour hits you straight away as you take your first vape and wonder to yourself, “where have I tasted this before?” and then it hits you, an Iced Vovo, but it’s been so many years!

Individual Notes

The raspberry and coconut work really well together. The concentrates used are a really close match to the topping of an Iced Vovo with the raspberry being more of a jam, and the coconut being more of a clean yet sweet candy coconut. Close to real coconut flakes but with a little more sugar.

The sweet biscuit base acts as a bit of a contrasting flavour and really helps pop the raspberry and coconut topping out. It’s a doughy sweet bread type of flavour, something that you’d imagine would give little resistance if you sank your teeth into it.

I am finding that the separation of flavours could be a little more defined. I’m not sure how you would do that but I feel that to get more of a true vovo mix, the raspberry and biscuit may need a little more definition.

Having said that, it doesn’t detract from the obvious Iced Vovo feel, and Aunty Kat has done a wonderful job capturing this complex flavour.

Inhale & Exhale

On the inhale, I get raspberry jam first and foremost, it’s sweet, and smooth. I don’t detect any tartness, it really is jam like.
At the end of the inhale, the coconut appears, softening the raspberry a little, and adding that powdery, sweet yet savoury feel, adding some thickness, and creating a Vovo topping to die for. The biscuit is also a little noticeable toward the end of the inhale.

At the exhale, both the raspberry and coconut intensify a little, I’m finding that a higher wattage, really make them sing.
As the exhale continues, the sweet biscuit also comes into play with a stronger hand, adding some contrast, and a nice thick doughy texture. Very much like a shortbread, or a soft bush biscuit, this base really drives things home.

The raspberry and coconut are still there right to the very end, but meld with the biscuit quite a lot creating more of a raspberry and coconut donut mix, rather than the initial a Vovo feel at the beginning of the vape.

Final thoughts

Quite a good effort to capture the Iced Vovo feel. The flavour is really good, and it is unmistakeably an iced vovo, about the only thing that I could pick on is the separation of notes, the raspberry and coconut could do with a bit more separation from the biscuit. I’m finding that they mix together almost too well, and would really pop if they could somehow be split up a little more.

All in all a very tasty juice that captures an Iced vovo very well! Nice work!

Where to Buy:

You can pick this flavour up directly from the Vape Your Way website (https://www.vapeyourway.com.au/products/aunty-kats-sumptuous-blends) or popping into their shop on Payneham Road, Adelaide. It is also available from Vape 4 Life. (http://www.vape4life.com.au/e-liquid-by-brand/australian/aunty-kats-sumptuous-blends/)


Light honey colour


Cookie / Raspberry / Coconut

Coil and wick damage:

Minimal coil or wick damage

PG/VG Ratio:

30%PG / 70%VG


Biscuity, smooth raspberry and light coconut dusting


I’d steep this one for sure!


Very nice presentation here. I picked up 50ml hard plastic squeeze bottles with sauce type twist top caps. The labels carry vintage circus style graphics, the flavour name and all of the information you’ll ever need.

Test rigs:

Haku Cruiser RDA with single SS coil @ 0.2 ohms on a bottom feed mod.
OBS Engine RTA on Revenger mod @ 80w


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Good 4